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chick On woman - S9:E8

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  • 2020-05-22 14:30:51
Blue-eyed cutie Noleta sits patiently and awaits her guy Dido Angel, and is rewarded when Dido comes butt her and immediately gives in to the urge to share a deep kiss. The two blondes are already down to their bras and panties, but that is way too much clothing for what they're after;. within just a few moments Dido has already stripped Noleta of her bra so that she can run her hands up and down her small bunbags and rock hard nipples. Then Noleta repays the favor right away. Taking things a step further, Noleta kisses her way down her woman's lithe body and relieves her of her panties, and then Dido does the sameDido. is the first to take a taste of her lover's wet twat. Lying down on the ottoman, she holds Noleta's landing strip twat in beautiful licking position so that she can go to town with her wet eager tongue and alternate strokes of her thumbs across her woman's clitorisNext. she helps reposition Noleta on her hands and knees. Sinking down to her knees, Dido buries her face in her lover's exposed twat to sweep her tongue up and down the soft folds of Noleta's pussy. As Noleta's moans grow louder and her hips begin to buck, Dido stiffens her tongue to push deep into her lover's 18yo twatNext. Dido takes her turn on her hands and knees as Noleta delivers a proper vagina licking. The blonde babe has a tongue piercing and she knows how to use it to really get her 2some motor running as Dido quickly discovers to her delight. Once she has gotten her chick dripping wet with anticipation, Noleta isn't shy about pressing her fingers hard and fast into Dido's fuck hole, working her woman's needy cunt until her vagina juices are everywhere and she is practically sobbing with her need for an orgasmDetermined. to give her lover the cumming she deserves, Dido goes back to work on Noleta's gorgeous pink twat. Her fingers easily slide into the blonde's pussy, allowing Dido to immediately work her fingers in and out of her guy while simultaneously stimulating her clit with her tongue. She knows just how her woman wants it, quickly bringing her moaning gasping lover to a body-shaking orgasm. Noleta isn't finished sharing the pleasure yet, though. She helps Dido lie back and urges her to spread her legs for a second round of incredible twat masturbating. Already warmed up from her previous orgasm, Dido is quick to experience her second round of orgasmic joyFinally. satisfied, Noleta climbs into Dido's arms where they enjoy a long, loving kiss that lingers as they bask in the aftermath of their love.

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