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Ladylove - S16:E12

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  • 2020-05-22 14:22:27
Joleyn Burst is hanging out in the bedroom playing with her phone when Sima wanders downstairs and decides that it's time to play. Joleyn is instantly receptive to her brunette lover's advances, and soon she is a willing participant in a steamy seductionSima. is quick to peel off Joleyn's bra so that she can feel up her lover's perky breasts. Not to be outdone, Joleyn switches places with Sima so that she can deliver the same treatment. Once they're both down to their thongs, the skanks change places once again so that Sima is back in controlNow. that she finally has Joleyn right where she wants her, Sima is free to slip her lover's thong off and then partake of her rock hard nipples before licking a path down to Joleyn's creamy twat. After sampling Joleyn's juices, Sima dives in for a full-on vagina feast that won't stop until the blonde is on the edge of a humongous cumming. When she knows her guy is almost there, Sima replaces her talented mouth with her magic fingers that finish the jobSlipping. out of her panties, Sima goes in for one last kiss and then positions her landing strip pussy over Joleyn's knee so that she can go for a ride to show her stud how wet and ready she is. Joleyn is right there to help with soft fingers pressed to SIma's clit as the brunette keeps thrusting her hips. When Sima rises to her feet, Joleyn gladly plants her mouth right on the heart of Sima's body and starts swallowing and licking until her man is whimpering her excitementNow. that Sima is nicely warmed up, Joleyn knows just what to do. Rearranging herself on the bed with Sima in her lap, Joleyn slips two fingers deep into her woman's 19yo snatch and sets a steady rhythm that SIma just can't resist. Thanks to Joleyn's magic fingers, Sima is soon groaning with the powerful climax that rolls through her needy body. Thoroughly sated, the skanks exchange a final passionate kiss that reaffirms their love for each other.

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