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The Real Deal - S35:E4

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  • 2020-10-02 19:02:36
Emma Staletto has just returned home with some shopping when she is greeted by Scarlett Sage. The bitches unpack the groceries together, setting aside a package of popcorn for later. When film night rolls around, they settle in on the couch together to hang out. When Scarlett glances over to see Emma's miniskirt riding high on her thighs, she takes the opportunity to trail her fingers across Emma's panties to tease her clitEyes. on her love instead of the tape, Emma spreads her thighs so that Scarlett can get even closer. That's not enough for these two lusty ladies; they relocate to the bedroom so they can get better acquainted. Tongues out and moving at full speed, the hoes slowly work each other out of their clothes. Scarlett wins the gentle war as she presses Emma back onto the bed for the first true taste of passion. Tonguing Emma's nipples and rubbing her clit is just the beginning for Scarlett. Gently relieving Emma off her panties, Scarlett dives in for a lusty twat licking. She works her tongue in long, smooth strokes as Emma holds her thighs thick open. She doesn't quit until Emma's breath is coming in panting gasps with the force of her climaxAs. soon as Emma has brought her off, Scarlett turns the tables on her lezzie. She enjoys a bit of teasing over Emma's panties, but soon drops them to the ground. She slips her fingers up and down the slipperiness of Emma's slit. Then gets busy with her talented tongue. When that's not enough, Emma lays down on the bed so that Scarlett can ride her face to completionThings. get even hotter when Scarlett turns around in her ride so that she can lean over to complete the lesbian 69. Grabbing a humongous dildo, Emma teases the pressure against Scarlett's snatch before shoving it deep. Emma has a toy of her own to use, which she alternates between Scarlett's clit and pussy. When Scarlett has reached her own peak, she grabs Emma's toy and puts both to use to get Emma squirmingThe. chicks work together to suck the toys clean, then swap spit in a awesome kiss. Emma winds up on her back as Scarlett reasserts her control. Rising up, she presses her clit to Emma's and rocks her hips for their mutual delight. The sluts each finish themselves off one last time as they rub their clits for some mutual fingering to finish off their chill evening.

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