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Rosalyn Sphinx has just completed a hell of a run that aims to keep her spinner body 19yo and fit. She pauses on the way home to send some pretty snaps to her friend with benefits, then continues on until she gets home. Hopping into the shower, she soaps herself up then grabs her phone to take even naughtier pics of her pierced nipples, glistening behind, and soaped up pussy. She has just pulled on a tank top and panties when Kyle Mason arrives at her door to make good on the raunchy promise of the many lovely photosPinning. Rosalyn against the wall, Kyle peppers her with kisses as his hands roam her boobs and belly. He relieves her of her clothes quickly, then whips out his cock so Rosalyn can start stroking. She's quick to get on her knees and suck him off with her soft lips, but she doesn't spend too much time on foreplay when they're both eager to get to the main event. Leaning forward against the wall, Rosalyn moans in true delight as Kyle spreads her booty cheeks and rubs her pussy down to make sure she's wet before he positions his fuck stick and pushes it deep insideThey. make good use of the close confines of the hallway as Rosalyn turns around in Kyle's arms and props one foot against the wall to change the angle of penetration. When they relocate to the kitchen, Kyle slows things down with a vagina feast before he resumes fucking Rosalyn until her body clenches with the force of her cumming. Turning around on the counter, Rosalyn lays on her back and reaches out to resume her oral sex until Kyle gives her the satisfaction of a facial to finish their hotblooded encounter.

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