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Come Closer - S22:E18

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  • 2020-05-22 14:25:06
Seductive redhead Shona River is in the process of making a salad when she is distracted by her bf Matt Denea. She's willing to put off her meal in hopes of something a bit more satisfying, and Matt is happy to deliver. Soon he has Shona down to her thong and the lovers has relocated to the big ottoman in the living roomLeaning. forward, Shona wiggles her rump as Matt presses kisses to her behind and reaches forward to rub his hand over her clit. Once Matt has peeled Shona out of her thong, he takes the time to drive his fingers into her landing strip snatch in an effort to prime her for a deep penetration. A few minutes later, Shona puts her hands and mouth to work blowing him off. Her oral sex puts her in a position that lets Matt keep finger fucking her young pussy, resulting in the utmost pleasure for both of themNow. that they have both taken the time to warm each other up, the lovers can really let loose. Shona drops onto her side with Matt cuddled up ass her so that they are spooning. He slides his stiffie into her slowly, taking a few strokes and then setting up a deep rhythm that gets Shona's motor running. The position lets Shona reach down to rub her own clit for even greater enjoymentGradually. working her way onto her belly, Shona eventually rises up onto her hands and knees with Matt taking up a position butt her. This new placement lets him drive home deep and hard, while still leaving Shona free to stroke her clit. Matt is tireless in his pursuit of Shona's pleasure, especially when Shona rolls onto her back and maintains sultry eye contact as he pounds away until she's moaningWatching. Shona come apart in his harms is just the stimulation that Matt needs to find his own orgasm. He has barely pulled out before Shona wraps her hand around his hardon and starts stroking. She's in total control as he shoots, free to aim his spunk shower all over her small boobies and into her waiting mouth.

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