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Exposed - S5:E24

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  • 2020-05-22 14:28:10
Standing outside wearing nothing but a pair of panties each, Denisa Heaven and Grace Hartley exchange long kisses as their hands wander each other's slender bodies and full boobs. As things grow hotter, they move their make-out session to an outdoor lounge. Denisa settles Grace onto the white cushions and slides her lover's panties off so that the redhead can massage her woman's shaved pussy. Tender touches soon turn into languorous sweeps of her tongue as Denisa settles between Grace's tanned thighs and suckles her woman's glistening nub. Wanting to give her broad even more stimulation, Denisa urges Grace to roll onto her hands and knees with her legs spread to open her shaved snatch for the toy that Denisa has brought out. Grace leans forward with a moan of pleasure as her lover probes her young hole with the toy before pushing it deep, simultaneously pressing her eager tongue to Grace's exposed anus. With such intense pressure on her most sensitive spots, Grace soon dissolves into an cumming that rocks through her whole slender bodyWhen. she has calmed after a minute, Grace turns and kisses her essence from Denisa's lips before gently pushing her guy down on the chaise for her turn at pleasure. She pulls the redhead's panties off and then presses her fingers to the soft silk of Denisa's unprotected mound and slit. Grace's tongue follows her fingers, delving deep into Denisa's young twat and exploring the territory blazed by her fingers moments ago. As Denisa grows wet and ready for sex, Grace returns the favor that her lover paid her, rolling the redhead to her knees and then holding her steady as she slides the head of a toy down her wet cleft. Denisa's gasp gives Grace all the permission she needs to press the dong deep, letting the buzzing length pleasure her womanDrawing. ever closer to her cumming as Grace massages and rubs her round butt and thrusts the toy hard and fast, Denisa pushes herself over the edge with a skilled clitoris massage. Her cunt clenches the delightful toy as her cumming crashes through herSated, the whores embrace on the chaise and exchange a lingering kiss in the aftermath of their lovemaking.

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