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Just For You - S3:E12

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  • 2020-08-27 20:03:52
Lush coed Ella Knox is hot and erotic as she plays with her breasts in a come-hither gesture for Bambino. He watches as she uses her bra to jiggle her tits. Then she lifts the fabric so they pop free in a buffet of busty delight. Crawling across the bed, Ella gives Bambino the opportunity to enjoy two overflowing handfuls of soft skin and massive hard nipples as she comes in for a long kissLeaning. forward to suckle Ella's bountiful titties, Bambino gradually works his way south. He settles on his knees between her thighs and pushes her sheer thong aside for easy access. His position makes it easy to lap at Ella's landing strip vagina and slide two fingers deep into her creamy warmth. As he settles in to his snatch feast, Bambino relieves Ella of her underwear so he can enjoy an unobstructed time eating her outFlipping. onto her belly, Ella reaches out to pull Bambino and his large rod close. She opens her mouth fat to take in the tip of his rod, then sucks him off like her favorite lollipop. The Indian babe keeps up her oral sex as she strokes her hands along Bambino's shaft and balls. Then she turns around and offers her pump behind to him in a blatant invitationAnchoring. his hands on Ella's hips, Bambino sinks balls deep into her lush cunt. Her moan of delight fills the room as he slides in and out of her attractive heat. It's not long before she is rocking shamelessly into every thrust as Bambino sets a rhythm that gets her wet and dirty and in desperate need of a climaxLaying. down on the bed, Bambino pulls Ella on top of him. She slides down onto his hardon with ease, rocking her hips in the first motions of a stiffie ride. Leaning forward as her hips keep up their motion, she presses her huge chest into Bambino's face. When she turns around to give him a different angle, her boobies keep jiggling and flopping and her ass quivers with the force of her kinky rideRolling. onto her back, Ella lifts one leg to Bambino's shoulder to open herself chunky for his attention. This position has the double bonus of letting Bambino watch the crazy jiggling of Ella's boobies while also letting him satisfy her one last time with his big schlong. When he reaches the end of his endurance, he crawls so that his meat is positioned between Ella's tits where she can stroke him off until he explodes all over her face and bosom in a shower of hot love.

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