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One More Time - S33:E6

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  • 2020-05-22 14:23:41
yummy Evelyn Claire is still sleeping when her bf Lucas Frost gets up to get ready for work. When Evelyn rolls over in her lingerie nightwear, though, she has a different plan. Her hands creep to her boobs and vagina to try to entice Lucas back to bed. He stays strong, leaving Evelyn in the bedroom so he can go downstairs to coffee upEvelyn. isn't about to give up on her pleasure so easily. She follows Lucas into the kitchen and presses her slim body against the door to entice him. Her fuck me smile eventually has the desired effect, as Lucas abandons his coffee and his schedule to go plant kisses on Evelyn's neck as he cups her butt in his monstrous handsLeading. Lucas back to the bedroom, Evelyn falls to the bed and takes her beau down with her. She puts his hands exactly where she wants them, on her belly and down between her thighs. Her small titties are a pretty treat in Lucas's mouth, especially the hard buds of her nipples. As Lucas works lower, Evelyn lifts her hips and urges his on with soft moans of delight until he has buried his face in her creamy twatTurning. onto her belly, Evelyn raises her butt in a blatant invitation. Lucas gives her what she wants, letting his hardon glide between her booty cheeks. When he's had enough of that foreplay, he slides on home to give Evelyn the snatch pounding she's been begging for since she woke upWhen. Evelyn rolls onto her back, Lucas helps her keep her legs spread wide apart with one in the air to open her twat up for easier access. He briefly pulls out to give Evelyn's snatch a good licking. Then Lucas is back on his feet with his dick shoved all the way inside to bring Evelyn to climaxEvelyn. is the one to call a pause to their fucking this time so that she can sidle up to Lucas on her belly and lick her essence from his shaft. Her oral sex is sloppy and enthusiastic, leaving him rock hard as he gets on the bed and she climbs on top of him. Riding Lucas's fuck stick, Evelyn leans in close to press her tits to his face as she busts again. Then she slides down his body to take his dick between her puffy lips and lick him off until he rewards her with a mouthful of salty love.

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