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Sex Kittens - S33:E20

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  • 2020-05-22 14:22:50
Jake Adams is a lucky stud to have two hot sex kittens like Vanna Bardot and Aidra Fox at his beck and call. Vanna is just finishing getting ready in her Halloween costume of white lingerie and cat ears when Aidra walks in wearing a similar getup in black. liking what she sees, Aidra can't stop herself from crossing the room and capturing Vanna's lips in a deep kissOne. kiss leads to so much more as Vanna turns around so that she's face to face with her sapphic. Aidra is far from done with Vanna, sliding her hands down to cup Vanna's plump butt and then raising those hands to Vanna's face as they kiss again. By the time the chicks are done making out, they're both hot and bothered and more than ready to turn their passion on Jake, who's waiting patiently in the other room with his magician's costume and a blindfoldKnowing. that they have full control over Jake's pleasure, the sluts take their time exploring him. Using their hands to stroke Jake's stiffie, the sluts take turns kissing him and stroking his hard muscles. They eventually remove Jake's blindfold, letting him see them as they stay in charge of his pleasure while slowly shedding their lingerieThe. girls' voracious blowjob gradually turns into something more hardcore as Aidra swings her leg over Jake's lap and seats herself on his hardon. Vanna watches her lezzie fuck their man for a hot second, then urges Jake to lay down so she can plant her snatch on his face. Their dual ride is slow and steady at a rhythm they could hold foreverOn. her hands and knees, Vanna moans in delight as she finally gets to enjoy Jake's charms through a doggy style pussy pounding. Aidra isn't shy about putting herself in front of Vanna, presenting a breast and cunt buffet for Vanna to choose from. Slowly sinking into the couch, Aidra hums with delight at Vanna's ministrationsAidra's. new position on her back leaves Jake eager to explore it further. He scoots Aidra forward as Vanna supports AIdra from behind. Lifting one of Aidra's legs high and hooking her foot over his shoulder, Jake plunges back insideEventually. the bitches swap spots, with Vanna on her back and filled with cock while Aidra mounts Vanna's face. That creates the awesome position, leaving Aidra free to lean forward and lap at Vanna's clit while Jake continues to fuck Vanna. Aidra is in the pretty position for more than just her girlfriend's pleasure. As Jake reaches his orgasm, he pulls out to nut in Aidra's mouth. Content, Aidra draws back to snowball Jake's spunk with Vanna.

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