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Sexual Impulses - S28:E15

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  • 2020-05-22 14:27:06
Alex Legend is trying to resolve some work issues, but his sapphic Emma Hix is having none of that on her watch. Flinging off her robe so she's clad in just her bra and panties, Emma presses her slim skinny body against her boyfriend's. Alex is quick to let his work life fall aside as he lifts Emma to the table and relieves her of her bra. Kissing his way down her body, he pulls her underwear aside to sample the slippery delight of her bare twatLetting. her head fall back as her long blonde hair catches beneath her, Emma lets Alex have his way with her greedy snatch. His fingers and tongue are practiced at finding all of her most tender spots, and he is a generous guy who won't skimp on her pleasure. As the first of what promises to be many climaxes rolls through her, Emma savors the sensation before moving on to the next step in their lovemakingHopping. off the table, Emma kisses Alex to enjoy the taste of her essence on his lips. Then she sinks to her knees, freeing Alex's hardon along the way to grasp in one hand as she laps away at the length with her tongue. Her mouth opens wide to accommodate as much of Alex's gigantic cock as she can so she can lick and suck him to rock hardnessWrapping. his hands around Emma's waist, Alex lifts his tiny man in the air and positions her just where he wants her on the couch. Then he comes up ass her to sink his cock balls deep into her young fuck hole. Emma is an eager participant, rocking back to meet every one of Alex's strokes as they go at it in a doggy style coupling. Reaching down past her small bunbags, Emma rubs her tender clit until the sensation overwhelms her to bring on another climaxEmma's. bucking hips are Alex's cue to drop down and fondle her butthole with his tongue as her body bucks. Then he flips her over so he can go back to work slamming her bareback twat as Emma watches him work. Her hands creep to her small melons so she can tweak and tease her hard little nipples. Jealous, Alex spoons behind Emma so his hands can roam her body as his hips continue to move for both their pleasureClimbing. into Alex's lap until she's fully seated on his fuck stick, Emma takes a few slow strokes before moving on to a harder, faster pace. Her hips are made for fucking, and she uses them to her best advantage. Meanwhile, Alex indulges himself by playing his massive hands over Emma's heart-shaped ass as she works herself to her final orgasm of the dayKneeling. beside Alex, Emma wraps her pretty lips around his fuck stick and starts swallowing once again. Once she has licked him clean of her essence, she starts stroking with the intention of bringing him off. He finally gives in to Emma's gentle demands, exploding all over her mouth and face to leave her happily covered in spunk.

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