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Taking Turns - S9:E27

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  • 2020-05-22 14:23:54
Sweetheart Samantha Joons is distracted by kissing her lady Carla Cox when her other dude Dido Angel comes up from behind and ties a blindfold around her eyes. The two blondes tag team their raven-haired stud, keeping her lips busy as they take turns relieving her of her clothes and preparing her hot body for a good timeThe. girls start by playing with Samantha's nipples through her sheer shirt, but soon the fabric is simply in the way so they pull it off. Free to worship their woman's tits with their mouths, they take their time until their hands gradually slide down to settle between Samantha's parted thighsFinding. their chick wet with her excitement, Carla and Dido remove the blindfold and settle Samantha between them. Carla pulls out a vibrating toy and presses it to Samantha's soft shaved snatch. Within just a few moments of the incredible stimulation against her juicy slit and needy clit, she is dripping with her cunt juices and desperately in need of a climaxWith. her super soaked vagina open and ready to be drilled, Samantha moans happily when Carla eases the toy inside. She can't keep from pumping her hips as Carla pounds her fuck hole and Dido rubs her clit. Between the two of them the blondes quickly bring their man off on a bone-melting climaxDido. is the next to get all the attention. Lying in Samantha's lap so that the black haired coed can rub her full sensitive bunbags and pinch her hard tender nips, Dido spreads her legs to receive Carla's eager kisses and licks on her lovely delectable twatBringing. the toy back into play, Carla kicks things off by stimulating her woman's clitoris. Before long, though, she can't help but slide the toy home and commence a powerful cunt fucking that leaves Dido breathless and smiling. Switching things up, Dido helps Carla to rest her haunches on the couch so that she can bury her face in the blonde's needy snatch from beneath. Samantha wants in on the action, too, so she gives Dido an enthusiastic twat licking and masturbating as wellNext. Carla climbs on top of Dido, seducing her girl and creating a twat stack that Samantha just can't resist licking and masturbating! It's finally Carla's turn to experience the vibrator, and Samantha gets to do the honors; while Carla kneels doggy style she gets her young little fuck hole filled by the vibrator and poked thoroughly. With expert fast flicks of her wrist, Samantha finally succeeds in driving her stud over the edge until she is shivering and shaking as her body spasms with pleasure.

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